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Photographer: Robin Maaya  Artist: Sasha Van Schalkwyk

Photographer: Robin Maaya

Artist: Sasha Van Schalkwyk

B.F.A. Thesis Exhibition: There, They're, Their

"There, They’re, Their” a B.F.A. Thesis exhibition featuring collaborative photography from Sasha Van Schalkwyk and Robin Maaya, and culturally referential paintings of Holocaust survivors from Shoshanna Hannah, will be hosting an opening reception from 7-11 PM on Friday, May 4th on the 2nd floor gallery of the historic Moon River Brewing Company, located at 21 W. Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401.  For additional information contact Moon River Brewing Company.

This exhibition focuses on the unique stories of individuals in society from a wide historical and contemporary framework. Hannah, Van Schalkwyk, and Maaya are presenting visual inquiries into the personalities and lives of subjects from many different walks of life. A culmination of fine art-including photography, painting, and narrative- present the individual works as a collective showcase of the human experience.

Van Schalkwyk and Maaya’s collaborative portrayal of painted human subjects showcases a wide range of physical beauty and expressive characters through photographic portraits. Intended to be a celebration of diversity and non-conformity, these two artists present a cohesive collection whereby local residents are viewed as works of art, literally as well as symbolically. Hannah, a 2nd generation Holocaust survivor, creates work focusing on transgenerational traits by examining and sharing her own families’ stories and photo library, with an emphasis on Jewish culture and heritage.

Sasha Van Schalkwyk is a multi-media artist whose practice spans painting, illustration, fashion, and film. Her distinct stylistic approach utilizes heavy line work and stippling as prominent formal elements in her abstract and minimalistic portrayals of the human figure. Her work focuses on the creation of dynamic compositions through which various facets of life are communicated through personification, using anatomy as a vehicle. Van Schalkwyk has collaborated with fashion designers, and she has shown her work in exhibitions in Savannah and Atlanta over the past four years as an undergraduate student.

Robin Maaya is a photographer who captures the essence of her subjects through an honest and attentive grasp of their unique attributes. This quality is embodied in her portraiture, both in the studio and in nature. Maaya, although a freshman, has shot multiple senior portfolios and has been responsible for academic class documentation, all within her first year at SCAD. She has operated a photography business since the age of 13. 

Shoshanna Hannah is an active member of the Jewish community in Savannah, one of the oldest Jewish communities in America, and speaks publicly as an advocate for young culturally-centered artists. Hannah is the youngest member of the Yom Hashoah Committee, a group that works to annually remember Holocaust victims and survivors. She joined the organization in 2016 and plays an active voluntary role.

For further information or inquiries pertaining to the art featured in the “There, Their, They’re,” Exhibition, please contact the artists, who can be reached at,, and


SCAD FASHWKND 2018 Static Show 

Sasha Van Schalkwyk's recent collaboration with SCAD fashion senior Tori Hall showcases Hall's collection of athleticwear-inspired garments featuring Van Schalkwyk's hand painting and printed patterns. Hall's designs, on display in SCAD'S static fashion show at Poetter Hall from May 17-20, express the experience of generalized anxiety through Hall's utilization of a post-apocalyptic aesthetic and Van Schalkwyk's emaciated and contorted figurative painting. To find out more about the designers and artists involved in SCAD's 2018 FASHWKND, visit


"Middle Fork" at the 2017 World Economic Forum 

John Grade's piece titled "Middle Fork", a 200 ft long (and growing) sculpture constructed based on a cast taken from a Seattle, WA Redwood Cedar Tree, has traveled extensively through the US and internationally in its museum circuit. Previously installed at the Smithsonian museum in 2015, it has since returned home to Washington and has "grown" thanks to Grade and his Washington based studio assistants. At the end of 2016, Middle Fork made an impression at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where Grade received recognition for his environmentally conscientious practice alongside other notable artistic influencers such as Shakira, Yo Yo Ma, Matt Damon, and Will I Am. It has since returned back to Washington State and resides prominently in the forum if the Seattle Art Museum. In the future, once the sculpture has traveled and "grown" further, it will be placed at the base of the tree from which it was cast in an effort to return the sculpture to its origin. John Grade is known internationally for his site specific, sculptural installations. To read more about the artists honored at the WEF, visit